Disruptive By Design

A Girl Gone Digital: A Series of Disruptions

We all have moments in our lives when something or someone disrupts our current path. Some of these disruptions may be positive and others are negative. One of these negative instances might be that time in art when the kid sitting next to you tells you that your tree doesn’t look anything like a tree, making you feel self conscious about your artistic abilities. Or it could be that day your fifth grade teacher tells you that you will never be an astronaut.

Despite having several negative disruptions in my life, I wouldn’t necessarily define a disruption as being solely a negative event. A positive disruption could be when your high school yearbook teacher acknowledges your hard work, causing you to consider a career in graphic design. Or maybe it’s when you introduce your six-year-old niece to a new technology and she proudly exclaims, “I did it! I never thought I would be an engineer!”

These random instances of disruption can drastically change the direction of a person’s life—but what if we could design these disruptions in order to positively improve the lives of those around us? What if I could design a disruption for the people I care for most? I believe that by understanding the power of disruption, I can affectively design these disruptions to be positive events in the lives of others.


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Rachel Ramsay

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