I was once seduced by my own craft to “sell” something through design. I admired the top designers in this field and cheered their accomplishments. There is a lot of talent in the world when it comes to making you want something you may not really need.

But we love our stuff. We love that companies are competing for our attention. They make us feel special.

Limitless growth is impossible. There are always balances to every system. These limits can be self-imposed or they will eventually be system imposed. To sustain a system, growth must be kept within the capacity of the environment.

Graphic designers can reach across disciplines and facilitate the collaboration of many skillsets to craft better designs utilizing safer materials that return to and feed either the mechanical or biological systems while meeting human needs and satiating the desire for beauty.

Having transitioned from an urban environment to a rural one, I share my own story of reconnection to natural systems. This has affected my outlook on my role as a graphic designer. It has made me more sensitive to my old habits and the dominant trends of materials used for visual communication.


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Darlene Town

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